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mysimpleshow provides you with a unique, new way of video making. We have taken all our experience of over 8 years in explainer video creation and developed an easy-to-use video maker that guides you through a simple process.

The most important lesson learned: 'a great video needs a great script'. Easier said than done, huh. Don't worry, we do our best to support you when you write your script. You can choose from a variety of Storyline templates that we created for various topics. These storylines give your video structure and provide you with easy-to-follow guidance and examples.

Afterwards, our Explainer Engine will suggest illustrations from our database to visualize your story, it creates a storyboard, and with just a few clicks your video is finished.

mysimpleshow is the only video making tool, that will not bother you with timelines, keyframes or endless animation timing - we do all of this auto-magically.

Visit you 'settings page' to switch the tutorials ON or OFF in our editor. 

You can always open them manually in the editor by clicking on the 'questionmark' the toolbar.

If you want to opt-out of specific tutorials, just check the 'don't show again" box.

Yes, when working on your storyboard in the Visualize-Step, you can upload any image file smaller than 7 MB.

In order to achieve a more unified look for your video, consider adding a polaroid frame to your uploads via the canvas edit feature.

Yes, all mysimpleshow projects need a Storyline. We have put much thought and all of our experience into the Storyline templates at your hand. They provide you with a story arc, advice on how to write a compelling script, and practical examples.

If you are not sure, which Storyline might fit your topic best, have a look at some example videos.

A video can just be as good as the script it is based on. At mysimpleshow we use it as basis for the visualization. We search for words and expressions that should appear as illustrations in your video and give you suggestions on how to best visualize your key messages. As the timing of the animation depends on your script as well, you see why it is such an import step.

Keywords are linked to illustrations on the canvas and our Explainer Engine uses its magic to define which words in your script are most suited to be visualized. However, if we've missed an important word or phrase, fear not. Just hover over the word you want to visualize and click on the 'plus sign' above it in order to receive illustration suggestions.

As the illustrations and your script are closely linked to each other, changing the text will result in resetting the illustrations for the corresponding scene.

The simple answer is, more than 7 illustrations usually don't improve the picture composition and illustrations tend to get too small to be recognize by the viewers easily. If you feel the need for more illustrations, consider splitting up your text into several scenes. Each new scene gives you 7 new illustrations

Sure you can. Open the 'canvas edit' by clicking on the edit icon in the upper right hand corner of a scene's canvas. In the popup, you can arrange, scale, and flip your illustrations. You can also add a polaroid frame to images or add a speech bubble for texts.

You can always go back to editing you simpleshow. Just click the 'edit project' button on your dashboard or a project's video page.

Keep in mind that the current version of your video will be overwritten if you click the 'Finalize video'-button again.

If you want to compare two versions of your video, use the "copy project" feature on your video page instead. This will create a new project with the same content and you can freely change it without affecting your original simpleshow.

As soon as you alter a project and decide to click the 'Finalize video' button, we will overwrite the existing video with the new one.

If you want to compare two versions of your video, just use the 'copy project' feature on your video page. This will create a new project with the same content and you can freely change it without affecting your original simpleshow.

Sure! At the end of the creation process, you can record your own voice via your computer's microphone in what we call karaoke mode.

Just make sure to decide for one of the three video speed options first. The slower your video speed is, the longer your recording can be. After that, go ahead and record your own voiceover for each scene. Try it - its fun!

You can add audio files to your video in the Finalize step. Currently, there is no option to cut audio files in our editor, so you need to split the voiceover files into scenes before uploading.

The best way to get your video and voiceover in sync is to choose the speed you prefer and complete your clip with one of our automated voices first. You can then send the downloaded MP4 file of your clip as a reference to the voice artist of your choosing.

As soon as you get the audio files delivered (your voiceover artist should be able to deliver the audio files already split up into scenes), select "edit project", upload the files in the Finalize step, and finalize your video again. This will overwrite the existing video with the voiceover version.

At this time, there is only one standard music available for your videos, which fits most topics pretty well. To give your video a personal touch, consider recording your own voice.

Also, we would be happy to learn, what kind of music you would like for your future simpleshows, so feel free to send us your suggestions.

Yes, but you have to finalize it first. After completing your project, your video will appear on your project's video page and you can download an MP4 file or share it directly to your YouTube Channel.

After finalizing your simpleshow clip, you will be able to download a Full HD version as MP4 video file.

The easiest way is to share your simpleshow video to your YouTube channel. Just visit the video page of your project and hit the Publish to YouTube button. The displayed link will get you directly to your simpleshow on YouTube.

If you don't have a YouTube account, you can download your video as an MP4 file and upload it manually to your social media account.

Sorry, you can't. We are proud to empower anyone to create compelling, high quality, and fun simpleshow videos for free. To accept our branding, is the only thing we ask for in return. 

To rename your project, visit the project's 'video page' and change the title of the video in the text field.

To duplicate your project, visit the project's 'video page' and click the 'copy project' button. A copy of your project will be put onto your dashboard.

To delete a project, visit the project's 'video page' and click the 'delete project' button.

There are two ways to do that.

1) You can go your 'settings page' and change your password manually.

2) If you've forgotten your password, you can click on the 'Forgot your password?' link in the login pop-up and we will send you a new password to the e-mail address registered with mysimpleshow.

To change your password, log in and visit your 'settings page' in the user menu.

Your password has to consist of at least 6 characters. Make sure to choose a safe combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Please contact us at if you want to delete your account. We will permanently remove your personal data and all of your projects.

We are sorry, to see you leave. What can we do to improve the mysimpleshow experience in the future? Your honest feedback is more than welcome.

If you have a restricted Google Mail account and are not able to get emails from outside your network: please use your Google account or Facebook account.

The best way for students with Google Chromebooks to sign up to mysimpleshow is the Google Sign Up on the mysimpleshow home page.

Click on "Sign up" and then "Sign up with Google." After Google has connected with mysimpleshow, please click on "Sign in". Using this sign up method, students can start their projects easily and don’t have to activate their accounts via email.

Of course. Als long as you don't change the video after you have downloaded it, you are free to use it for work purposes.

For detailed licensing information check our Terms & Conditions.