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mysimpleshow’s Top Tips for Using Humor in Explainer Videos – Part 1

20. Mar 2019

Humor can transform an average explainer video into a powerful explanation that will be remembered for a long time to come by the target audience. A good joke or a humorous story can spice up a dull topic. Humor reduces anxiety, facilitates learning and improves performance. It is, therefore, an ideal tool to use in... Read More

How to use characters in your explainer video

4. Mar 2019

how video enhances semantic memory
 An effective explainer video sums up your message in 60 – 90 seconds, using a compelling story. However, it all comes down to the characters sharing the message in an appealing way.  Character TypesCharacters form the focal point in an explainer video story. Usually the story is about an event in the life of a particular... Read More

Communicating with Clients through Videos – Part 2

25. Feb 2019

With an increased emphasis on digital communication in today’s world, more and more businesses make use of video in marketing campaigns. However, video can also be used to communicate with clients in compelling ways! Effortlessly, video is posted on social media platforms or sent via direct mail to clients. And so, effective video communication has... Read More

Explainer Video Trends in 2019

20. Feb 2019

creating video surveys

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      How can you get the most out of your explainer videos in 2019? By following these five explainer video trends for 2019 it becomes possible to create outstanding videos! After all, if you are familiar with the latest trends in explainer video creation you will be able to make the right video to... Read More