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How you and your team can communicate more effectively with Microsoft Teams and mysimpleshow video maker

19. Nov 2020

How you and your team can communicate more effectively using Microsoft Teams and simpleshow video maker

Effective Explanation, explainer videos, Microsoft Teams, mysimpleshow video maker, New Work, digital storytelling,

Digitalisation has long affected the explainer video market. DIY solutions for independent creation of short and easy-to-understand videos are becoming increasingly popular. With the integration of mysimpleshow video maker into the Microsoft Teams environment, simpleshow satisfies the needs of many users and takes the next logical step towards the New Work models. Not that long... Read More

Microsoft Teams enables the joint creation of animated videos with the simpleshow video maker

19. Nov 2020

Create explainer videos with simpleshow video maker

SaaS, SaaS-based solutions, explainer videos, Microsoft Teams, simpleshow video maker,

What IT managers around the world have been dealing with for many years and has turned out to be a tough process for numerous companies has been massively accelerated by a diminutive virus in a very short time: The digitalisation of global corporations. Platforms for digital collaboration are on the rise, which in turn gives... Read More

Learning through self-explaining

18. Nov 2020

Learning through self-explaining

eLearning, self-improvement, learning, self-explaining,

A university study revealed something rather interesting: through physical experience understanding is deepened. Brain scans of students who learnt through “doing” showed that when they thought about the learnt topic the sensory and motor-related parts of their brains were activated for better recall. Could it be that self-explaining is a form of “physical experience” that... Read More