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Enhancing Project Based Learning with Video

25. May 2017

mysimpleshow videos in project based learning

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Project based learning (PBL) can also be known as “learning by doing”. It is a teaching method that promotes student engagement through the investigation of complex questions. Learning takes place systematically as students investigate the area in which they have been challenged.There is a big difference between “doing a project” and PBL. Doing a project may... Read More

Tips and Tricks: The Secret to a Memorable Voiceover

17. May 2017


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Do you want to record your own voiceover instead of using the automated options, but aren’t a professional?No worries J There are a few tips and tricks to make your voiceover recording sound great using the record your own voiceover option in the Finalize step, with no prior experience needed!Find a room with good acoustics.Unless... Read More

Using Videos for a Distributed Workforce

10. May 2017


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It’s becoming more commonplace for employees to no longer be confined to their desks from nine to five. Information and communication technology has made the distributed workforce possible: employees work from different locations, in various time zones, and sometimes in multiple languages.Increasingly, employees see the option to work from home (or from any other location... Read More

Writing a Video Book Report

3. May 2017


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Are you a student who has to write a book report on a recently read book or a teacher assigning a report as homework to your students, looking for a creative approach to mix things up?Thinking back to the good old days in grade school, we can all probably recall having to write at least a few... Read More