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5 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos in Homeschooling

19. Jul 2017

5 reasons to use explainer videos in homeschooling

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Homeschooling is on the rise in the US as it has grown by about 62% in the last 10 years. This means that more and more available content is used by parents to teach their children. It also means that the market of opportunities is rising. While the stereotype of homeschooling is slowly decreasing and... Read More

How to Use Explainer Videos for Your Business

13. Jul 2017

how to use explainer videos for your business

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Organizations these days are finding more and more innovative ways to provide a fun and inspiring company culture for their employees. Facebook has a tiny conference room, and Google provides nap pods and free organic meals to their employees. Another idea that is more simple and likely more easily accessible is using videos for your... Read More

How to Write a Great Script for Corporate Storytelling

13. Jul 2017

how to write a great script for corporate storytelling

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Storytelling has been around since the dawn of time, and it’s quite possible that you’ve become a skillful storyteller from attending multiple networking events, cocktail parties, or just having a casual conversation with your co-worker over lunch. So, it should be no problem at all when faced with the task of writing a corporate storytelling... Read More

How Videos Help Your Crowdfunding Campaign

12. Jul 2017

how videos help your crowdfunding campaign

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Using videos to help crowdfunding campaigns is becoming increasingly popular. Entrepreneurial ventures including creative projects, travel, medical expenses, and social entrepreneurship projects are using crowdfunding campaign websites to help spread their cause.What is crowdfunding?Crowdfunding describes the usage of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance various new business ventures. The... Read More