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5 Ways to Combine Videos with Your Presentation

8. Aug 2018

combining videos with presentation

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 A short, good quality video that is used purposefully and shown at the right moment in a presentation can work wonders to keep an audience engaged and interested in the topic presented.Videos are an effective and persuasive presentation tool that incorporate more ideas, examples and additional expert input into any presentation. When used correctly in... Read More

A Guide to Creating Top Rated Testimonial Videos

1. Aug 2018

Guide to creating testimonial videos

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 Have you ever googled “testimonials”? If you have, you will know that the web is full of examples and tips. While quotes on your website are a great way to create trust regarding your brand values and company services, there is one problem. The full reviews are often lifeless, dull, and may not reach the... Read More

5 Ways SaaS Companies Use Videos

25. Jul 2018

5 ways SaaS companies use videos

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 SaaS, or software-as-a-service, is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. SaaS solutions offer a viable software option for many businesses, as opposed to traditional on-location installations. The software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.SaaS companies need... Read More

Improve Your LMS with Explainer Videos for Training

18. Jul 2018

improve your LMS with explainer videos for training

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 Education and training for business must constantly overcome organizational shifts and adapt to change due to the introduction of new technology and systems management, like LMS hosts. To welcome change and innovation, training requires learners to adapt as well as exploration and improvement of the systems that enable us to learn. Videos are the simplest... Read More