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Improve Your LMS with Explainer Videos for Training

18. Jul 2018

improve your LMS with explainer videos for training

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 Education and training for business must constantly overcome organizational shifts and adapt to change due to the introduction of new technology and systems management, like LMS hosts. To welcome change and innovation, training requires learners to adapt as well as exploration and improvement of the systems that enable us to learn. Videos are the simplest... Read More

The Commoditization of AI

3. Jul 2018

Commoditization of Artificial Intelligence AI

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 It first started with the cloud: cloud computing became standardized and cheaper – a common technology, offered by increasingly more suppliers. As a consequence, consumers benefit from lower prices. Today, there is also a trend towards the commoditization of Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI.The Commoditization of AIAI is already touching our lives and it will... Read More

Using Video to Move Through the Sales Funnel

20. Jun 2018

Using video throughout the sales funnel

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  Simply put, the sales funnel is a series of actions and steps you undertake to convert a lead or prospect into a buyer. A well designed series of videos for each of the steps can serve as a very persuasive medium. Engaging and leading the audience will help to create a successful guide through... Read More

How Video Enhances Semantic Memory

13. Jun 2018

how video enhances semantic memory

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 Semantic Memory refers to general world knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our lives. This store of general knowledge (facts, ideas, meanings and concepts) is built from a very young age, and it is an ongoing process. One could say that Semantic Memory is a sort of “unintentional learning” – our brains “unintentionally” store general... Read More