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Training and Developing Millennials Using Video

15. Nov 2017

video improves training and development for millennials

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First, the Baby Boomers dominated the corporate world; then Generation X; and now: the Millennials. This is the generation that was born between 1980 and 2000. The Baby Boomers are retiring and the Millennials are taking their place. By 2025 the Millennials will be the dominant generation, making up 75% of the workforce!As generations change, the... Read More

A Guide to Optimizing Your Virtual Classroom

8. Nov 2017

optimizing your virtual classroom

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Virtual Classroom vs. Traditional Classroom As research is progressing in the field of examining the effectiveness of new learning designs and teaching methods like the virtual classroom, we encounter challenges that must be addressed to provide a suitable and meaningful alternative to older and more traditional classroom designs. So far, major benefits have emerged from... Read More

Conducting a Competitive Analysis Using Video Explanation

1. Nov 2017

competitive analysis

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A competitive analysis (CA) is a very valuable exercise, giving a company clarity about their market and confidence in making knowledgeable decisions. It involves researching, analyzing, and comparing competitors in relation to your company. The aim is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, find strategies that will provide your company with a distinct advantage,... Read More

Using Videos for HR and Recruitment

11. Oct 2017

videos for HR human resources

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Often when we talk about video usage for your business, we mainly address marketing areas and their benefits in promoting your product or polishing your company’s image. However, those are not the only areas where videos can be of beneficial use. Lately, HR (human resources) teams have started to explore the effectiveness of video for... Read More