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With mysimpleshow you can create great explainer videos and share them all.
Our Explainer Engine transforms your English and German texts into visuals.
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Simply create great videos

  • Create unlimited videos
  • Download your simpleshow
  • Benefit from our storyline templates and our 'auto-magical' visualization
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Save 17% with annual billing

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How big is your team?
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How big is your team?
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Individualize your video

  • Record or upload your own voiceover
  • Change the scribble color
  • Use scribble effects and subtitles
  • Choose from 2 background music tracks
  • Choose from 2 automated speakers
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How big is your team?
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How big is your team?
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Use your video for your business

  • Remove the mysimpleshow watermark
  • Download your video in HD
  • Profit from privacy for your videos
  • Individualize your closing frames
  • Use the scribble gallery
  • Benefit from the version history
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Pro (team account)

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How big is your team?
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How big is your team?
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Work together with your team

  • Collaborate on projects
  • Add your own watermark
  • Manage your uploaded images
  • Edit your subtitles
  • Choose from 6 automated speakers
  • Choose from 5 background music tracks
  • Transfer your videos to a 3rd party
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Your company needs access to individually adaptable team sizes and simpleshow services?
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Your educational institution wants to create great videos for school or university?
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Unlimited videos
Storyline templates
‘Auto-magical’ visualization
Download your simpleshow
Own voiceover
Scribble color
Scribble effects
Choice of more automated voices
Choice of more background music tracks
Privacy for your videos
Watermark removal
Version history
Customized closing frames
Scribble gallery
Commercial rights
3rd party transfer rights
Own font
Collaboration features
Own watermark
Upload manager
Subtitle customization
Own background music