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What is a keyword?

9. Mar 2017

Keywords are important words which are going to be visualized in your video. Every scribble is related to a certain keyword which will appear on the screen as soon as the voice over pronounces it.

10.1 (R3)

After you finish your script, the text you wrote will be analyzed. We identify keywords and offer you matching scribbles.

The keywords of your script, featuring a scribble, will be marked turquoise in the text section. Other potential keywords that we found are marked black.


How can I mark keywords?

Every word in your script can be used as a keyword.

Select your keyword in the text section by double clicking it (keyword may consist of multiple words) and clicking on the plus sign above. Another way is to drag a turquoise pill from the line and drop it on your new keyword. You can then choose a scribble, upload an image or type in some text.





How can I deselect keywords?

You can deselect keywords by clicking the X-sign above it.

If you deselect a keyword, the corresponding scribble will be deleted from the canvas.




You can select up to 7 keywords per scene. The amount of keywords you select can help you with improving the timing of your video.

To create a good rhythm, try finding a balance between how much text is heard and how many actions are seen on the canvas.