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How do I use the Visualize stage?

9. Mar 2017

In the Visualize stage you create a storyboard for your video, based on the script you have written in the Write stage.

On the left side, you’ll find your script split into scenes. After each scene, the canvas will be wiped clean. On the right side, you’ll find the canvas which gives you an idea of your final video. Here you can edit scribbles, upload pictures, or insert text.

Visualize Workspace_canvas_EN


By clicking the “play video”-button in the navigation bar, you can watch a preview of your simpleshow with the current settings.

Visualize Workspace_Buttons_en


Every scribble is related to a specific keyword. The keywords in your script which feature a scribble will be marked turquoise.





We recommend the following workflow:

  • Divide your text into scenes
  • Choose the keywords you want to visualize
  • Choose the right visuals for your keywords (or use the upload feature, see here: How to find the perfect visuals?)
  • Arrange your visuals by editing them on the canvas