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How to find the perfect visuals?

9. Mar 2017

After you finish writing your script, we’ll analyze your text and identify keywords to offer you matching scribbles.
You can replace scribbles, upload your own images or use text in your explainer video.


Scribble choice:

Every scribble is related to a specific keyword in your script. If the shown scribble doesn’t meet your demands, click on it and take a look at the four other choices we offer you. You can also browse our gallery to find more scribbles.




Scribble search:

If you’re looking for a completely different scribble, you can search for it manually in our scribble database. In order to find a different matching scribble, we recommend searching for synonyms.





You can choose between a variety of characters of all ages to find your matching protagonists.





Replace scribbles with own images

mysimpleshow even enables you to use your own pictures via the upload menu. We recommend using .png-files. Please respect copyright law and only use images owned by yourself or that are licensed for third party usage.




Using text

Instead of pictures, you can also use our text feature to visualize keywords on the screen, for example to show the title of your explainer video.







Using scribble effects

You can use one of three effects on a scribble. We offer you a checkmark, an “X”-mark and twinkling stars. Clicking on the scribble launches the scribble picker. Click on “scribble effects” in the upper right corner and choose the effect you like.







Delete scribbles

To delete a scribble, just move the cursor over the scribble or keyword and click the X-button appearing above.