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Amplification Through Simplification

26. Sep 2018

amplification through simplification

Applications, Education, Business,

 We’ve all heard the common phrase “opposites attract.” While that might not be the case in every situation, I have one for you that is worth exploring. Whether you are a teacher, a client or a business, the concept of amplification should sound familiar. Scott McCloud’s contradictory model amplification through simplification  allows opposites to attract and... Read More

Seven Great History Topics for Explainer Videos

19. Sep 2018

7 great history topics for explainer videos

Applications, Education,

Topics for explainer videos are infinite! There is just so much to explain about the world we live in. So, let’s consider a few fascinating subjects, a few serious issues and a few fun things that will be great history topics for explainer videos. You can check out some unusual, science, and sports topics as... Read More

Building Relationships with Videos and Storytelling

12. Sep 2018

building relationships with videos and storytelling

Applications, Business,

 Planning your next presentation? Whether you are a very structured, plan-ahead type of person or a ‘figure it out’ as you go person, you are likely to start your presentation off with a story. Why? Instinctively we feel that it is easier if we either share something from our personal life or the audience’s life.... Read More