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Visualization to Improve the Speed of Understanding

30. Aug 2017

visualization to improve speed of understanding

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Visualization refers to our ability to create pictures in our heads based on what we read or hear. When words are consciously used to create mental images, understanding is accelerated. Consequently, those who make use of visualization have an advanced ability to understand, learn, and remember.Picture It, Understand It!Visualization is powerful! Physiology experts are of... Read More

What is the Picture Superiority Effect?

9. Aug 2017

picture superiority effect

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Images are far more memorable than spoken word or written text – thanks to the Picture Superiority Effect. Even the great Roman orator, Cicero, knew this. Two thousand years ago he recommended the use of images as part of memory training. He also used visuals, in the form of props, in his speeches. Perhaps that... Read More