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Why explainer videos are a great eLearning solution

26. Aug 2020

Why explainer videos are a great eLearning solution

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Demonstration Some things just have to be shown or demonstrated to be understood. When both visual and auditory senses are involved engagement and understanding increase. When visuals support the audio “text”, especially moving visuals, the information is conveyed in a double dose: as the learner does not only “hear”, but also “sees”, as opposed to... Read More

Crisis Communication Part 1 – How Explainer Videos Help To Prepare For A Crisis

8. Jul 2020

Crisis Communication - How explainer videos help to prepare for crisis

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Crises come in various forms: a natural disaster, fire, crime, terrorism, lawsuits, product recalls, negative headlines, etc. Whatever the form, crises can have a devastating effect on an organization’s performance. It may result in immediate financial ramifications for the organization, or even have an undesirable impact on the organization’s reputation. Whatever the crisis, it is... Read More