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Develop Critical Thinking Skills through Video Creation

31. May 2017

critical thinking

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We use critical thinking skills every day of our lives. At the most basic level, critical thinking is “thinking on purpose”. It is the skill of looking carefully at information and considering whether it is valid or not. When critical thinking takes place, the individual actively engages in the following processes: communication, analysis, synthesis, problem-solving, evaluation... Read More

Enhancing Project Based Learning with Video

25. May 2017

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Project based learning (PBL) can also be known as “learning by doing”. It is a teaching method that promotes student engagement through the investigation of complex questions. Learning takes place systematically as students investigate the area in which they have been challenged.There is a big difference between “doing a project” and PBL. Doing a project may... Read More

Writing a Video Book Report

3. May 2017

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Are you a student who has to write a book report on a recently read book or a teacher assigning a report as homework to your students, looking for a creative approach to mix things up?Thinking back to the good old days in grade school, we can all probably recall having to write at least a few... Read More

Case Study: Using mysimpleshow in the Classroom

18. Apr 2017

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What is the most obvious oral topic or essay that students can expect to get on their return to school after a long summer vacation?If you’re thinking “Tell the class about your summer holiday,” you’ve got it right! That’s all good and well if you’ve been to Disney World in Florida, or if you’ve had a Turquoise... Read More