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5 Study Techniques to Improve Your Grades

18. Oct 2017

study techniques to improve your grades

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Are you already getting a bad feeling just hearing about studying, or your guilty conscience is getting to you telling you that you really need to get started or you will get a bad grade? However, you are still missing the motivation to get started or simply don’t know how? Well let me tell you, you... Read More

Explaining Classroom Rules Using Videos

18. Oct 2017

classroom rules

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Carefully designed classroom rules that are fairly implemented have a significant impact on student behavior and on student learning. So, explaining classroom rules are fundamental in order to ensure effective teaching and learning as well as set expectations to limit distractions within the environment. Classroom rules, therefore, have a dual purpose: they limit distracting behavior, but... Read More

5 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos in Homeschooling

19. Jul 2017

5 reasons to use explainer videos in homeschooling

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Homeschooling is on the rise in the US as it has grown by about 62% in the last 10 years. This means that more and more available content is used by parents to teach their children. It also means that the market of opportunities is rising. While the stereotype of homeschooling is slowly decreasing and... Read More