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Using Video to Move Through the Sales Funnel

20. Jun 2018

Using video throughout the sales funnel

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  Simply put, the sales funnel is a series of actions and steps you undertake to convert a lead or prospect into a buyer. A well designed series of videos for each of the steps can serve as a very persuasive medium. Engaging and leading the audience will help to create a successful guide through... Read More

How Video Enhances Semantic Memory

13. Jun 2018

how video enhances semantic memory

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 Semantic Memory refers to general world knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our lives. This store of general knowledge (facts, ideas, meanings and concepts) is built from a very young age, and it is an ongoing process. One could say that Semantic Memory is a sort of “unintentional learning” – our brains “unintentionally” store general... Read More

What is Deep Learning?

6. Jun 2018

what is deep learning?

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 Buzz words like neural networks, logistic regression, machine learning and deep learning are popping up more and more. Deep learning has been the focus of active research that aims to evaluate its function and strives towards illuminating how its methods are impacting traditional machine learning approaches. What is Deep Learning?The short answer: Deep learning is... Read More

7 Great Sports Topics for Explainer Videos

30. May 2018

Great sports topics for explainer videos


 Topics for explainer videos are infinite! There is just so much to explain about the world we live in. So, let’s consider a few fascinating subjects, a few serious issues and a few fun things that will be great sports topics for explainer videos. 7 Great Sports Topics for Explainer Videos 1. CurlingThere are two teams,... Read More