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7 Ways Videos Can Improve Job Performance

20. Dec 2017

Using Video to Help Improve Job Performance

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 Job performance is all about how well an employee performs in the work place, and therefore necessitates ongoing measurement. Goal setting, assessment, and the identification of areas for improvement all come into play when job performance is considered.If you expect your employees to stay at the top of their game, you will have to keep... Read More

How To Teach a Language Using Video

15. Dec 2017

Wie lerne ich die Grundzüge einer fremden Sprache?

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 Videos are engaging, fun, diverse… and simply awesome (but you probably know that already!) There are so many different ways to use video whether you are an employee, company owner, teacher, student, or just a normal person! Even if reasons vary, video has just the right use for all of us. Let’s look at something... Read More

6 Ways Video Helps Corporate Communication

6. Dec 2017

6 ways video helps corporate communication

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 A successful organization will grow, become stable, and start to make a profit. One of the great challenges for a company on this path might not so much be competition, but lack of corporate communication. So, in the pursuit of success, the sharing of information and engaging workers becomes the key focus. How can you... Read More

5 Tips on Creating Corporate Social Responsibility Training Strategies

29. Nov 2017

corporate social responsibility

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Effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) requires support from all parts of a corporation. Only by working together and being transparent a company can achieve genuine change and improvement. However, corporate responsibility may be different for every company as each organization is unique and has individual goals. Therefore, it is important to understand the policies to... Read More