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Engage Your Audience with Video Storytelling

9. Jun 2017

video storytelling

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Our brains love storytelling. It is through stories that we connect with our emotions and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the human condition. While storytelling is often considered to be an art form, it has practical uses as well. In fact, many businesses have already discovered the practicality of storytelling and its benefits... Read More

Tips and Tricks: The Secret to a Memorable Voiceover

17. May 2017

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Do you want to record your own voiceover instead of using the automated options, but aren’t a professional?No worries! There are a few tips and tricks to make your voiceover recording sound great using the record your own voiceover option in the Finalize step, with no prior experience needed!Find a room with good acoustics.Unless you’re... Read More

Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of the Visualize Step

16. Mar 2017

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Struggling with visualizing your video or looking for some tips to take your video to the next level? Then you’re in the right place 😉  For the visualize phase, it is important to use suitable images to get your message across. Although our engine identifies keywords and provides images for those keywords, the automatic visualization... Read More

Start with why – stay in mind

1. Aug 2016

To start with why is the secret to a great explainer video

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“All great leaders communicate in the same way. They always start with the WHY.” That’s what Simon Sinek points out in his incredibly successful book named – guess what – Start With Why. And that’s also what he talks about in his beyond popular TED Talk, which, by the way, has been viewed more 27 million times.... Read More