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A Beginner’s Guide to Emotional Writing

24. Jun 2016

emotionales Schreiben

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Take a look at this great example of emotional writing: “As he rubbed his clammy hands together intensely, Mark slowly paced around the dim-lit studio apartment. His heart palpitated as he impatiently waited for the news. Would she make it? Was this the beginning of the end? He sat on the aged and floral couch, cued... Read More

Catching your viewers’ attention in 8 seconds or less

10. Jun 2016

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A goldfish is way ahead of us – at least in some aspects. Goldfish can effortlessly breathe underwater and are better swimmers overall. However, that’s not all that advances the goldfish over the human! They also have a higher attention span than some humans have, according to a Microsoft study. A goldfish is able to concentrate... Read More