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What Is the Sensory Semantic Theory?

7. Mar 2018

sensory semantic theory

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 Pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words. Pictures have this advantage over words, because of the way pictorial information is encoded. This is also referred to as the picture superiority effect. Psychology scholar D.L. Nelson explained this phenomenon with his sensory semantic theory. According to Nelson, pictures are perceptually more distinct... Read More

Using Video at Your Start-up

28. Feb 2018

using video for your start up business

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  Have you considered the value of a start-up video in your new venture? Unless you can do an excellent start-up pitch (with ten slides or less!), a start-up video is definitely the way to go. With a good start-up video you can give your potential customers the information they need to get hooked onto... Read More

What Is Transfer Appropriate Processing?

21. Feb 2018

transfer appropriate processing

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 Memory performance is not only determined by the depth of processing, but by the relationship between how information is initially encoded and how it is later retrieved. This concept is known as Transfer Appropriate Processing. This is an information-processing action that occurs in two stages. The first has to do with the activity that takes... Read More