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Why Corporate Learning is Valuable in the Digital Age

10. Jan 2018

corporate learning in the digital age

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 It’s 2018 and corporate learning is a hot topic. Companies spend thousands of dollars training their employees, and large organizations have entire departments dealing with corporate learning. But why? Why is corporate training so valuable and important in the digital age?The Value of Corporate LearningIf a company wants to stay ahead of the game, employees... Read More

6 Useful Tips for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

3. Jan 2018

elevator pitch

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 Do you have an idea that you are eager to share, but only have limited time to explain it? This is how the idea of an elevator pitch was created. You meet someone in the elevator and only have a few floors to pitch your idea, meaning you have limited time to sort your thoughts... Read More

7 Ways Videos Can Improve Job Performance

20. Dec 2017

Using Video to Help Improve Job Performance

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 Job performance is all about how well an employee performs in the work place, and therefore necessitates ongoing measurement. Goal setting, assessment, and the identification of areas for improvement all come into play when job performance is considered.If you expect your employees to stay at the top of their game, you will have to keep... Read More