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Workplace Gamification Using Video

26. Apr 2017


Applications, Business,

When injecting fun into the everyday routine, engagement and innovation increase, resulting in increased productivity. Gamification is about redesigning routines and tasks to be more game-like and interactive. This ultimately enhances work experiences to be more engaging, fulfilling, fun and productive. Companies that employ the same techniques that game designers use to keep players interested... Read More

Case Study: Using mysimpleshow in the Classroom

18. Apr 2017


Applications, Education,

What is the most obvious oral topic or essay that students can expect to get on their return to school after a long summer vacation?If you’re thinking “Tell the class about your summer holiday,” you’ve got it right! That’s all good and well if you’ve been to Disney World in Florida, or if you’ve had a Turquoise... Read More

What Eye Tracking Tests Revealed

12. Apr 2017


Applications, Product,

An increasing number of technology tools highlight the incorporation of eye tracking and reveal necessary adaptations in researching the effectiveness of 21st century tech innovations. Therefore, complex and time consuming measures were conducted in a study to identify the usability of tools such as the explainer engine of simpleshow.The studyVarious studies including eye tracking tests, partly... Read More

The Power of Video and The Effect Simple Messages Have on Learning

5. Apr 2017

Complex messages can be difficult to understand and retain, while simple messages are easier to learn and remember. When combining a simplified message with images, they are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain because of the visual content, thus increasing brain capacity. Videos are making their mark on the web – YouTube is the... Read More