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5 Study Techniques to Improve Your Grades

18. Oct 2017

study techniques to improve your grades

Applications, Education,

Are you already getting a bad feeling just hearing about studying, or your guilty conscience is getting to you telling you that you really need to get started or you will get a bad grade? However, you are still missing the motivation to get started or simply don’t know how? Well let me tell you, you... Read More

Explaining Classroom Rules Using Videos

18. Oct 2017

classroom rules

Applications, Education,

Carefully designed classroom rules that are fairly implemented have a significant impact on student behavior and on student learning. So, explaining classroom rules are fundamental in order to ensure effective teaching and learning as well as set expectations to limit distractions within the environment. Classroom rules, therefore, have a dual purpose: they limit distracting behavior, but... Read More

Using Videos for HR and Recruitment

11. Oct 2017

videos for HR human resources

Applications, Business,

Often when we talk about video usage for your business, we mainly address marketing areas and their benefits in promoting your product or polishing your company’s image. However, those are not the only areas where videos can be of beneficial use. Lately, HR (human resources) teams have started to explore the effectiveness of video for... Read More

A Guide to Creating Conversational Videos

4. Oct 2017

video that sparks conversation, conversational videos

Tips and tricks, Applications,

Is there a way to present information to a group while guiding the members to actively participate, and simultaneously ensure optimal learning? The answer is yes – conversational videos!With careful use of relevant video material, facilitators can create a unique interactive discussion and thereby ensure optimal learning. Let’s call this technique “conversational viewing” and the... Read More